Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to know What And How many packages are installed with Python on your machine

Its simple I found out ...about the way to know the no. of packages installed along with Python in my machine...
In a popular forum ..the method of :
help('modules') command is not working ...(at least for me)..
So I looked around and came up with the following methods:

Method 1:
>Using freeze
    from the command shell one can do the following 
    pip freeze
    This will enlist all the installed package with Python.

Method 2: ( I prefer this)
>Using yolk
  It is a very robust package developed by good guys...It can be installed from the source           from  the PYPI site.
  I said it is robust for its functionality and features. 
  Some examples of using yolk are as follows:

 $ yolk -l
     List all installed Python packages

$ yolk -a
     List only the activated packages installed (Activated packages are normal packages on sys.path you can import)

$ yolk -n
     List only the non-activated (--multi-version) packages installed

$ yolk -l -f License,Author nose==1.0
     Show the license and author for version 1.0 of the package `nose`

$ yolk --entry-map nose
     Show entry map for the nose package

$ yolk --entry-points nose.plugins
     Show all setuptools entry points for nose.plugins

More than these...I can show you other things to use as such like:

$ yolk -U pkg_name
     Shows if an update for pkg_name is available by querying PyPI

$ yolk -U
     Checks PyPI to see if any installed Python packages have updates available.

$ yolk -F Paste
     Download source tarball for latest version of Paste to your current directory

$ yolk -F Paste -T svn
     Do a subversion checkout for Paste to a directory named Paste_svn in your current directory.

$ yolk -L 2
     Show list of CheeseShop releases in the last two hours

$ yolk -C 2
     Show detailed list of changes in the CheeseShop in the last two hours

$ yolk -M Paste==1.0
     Show all the metadata for Paste version 1.0

$ yolk -M Paste
     Show all the metadata for the latest version of Paste listed on PyPi

$ yolk -D cheesecake
     Show all (source, egg, svn) URL's for the latest version of cheesecake packages

 $ yolk -T source -D cheesecake
     Show only source code releases for cheesecake

 $ yolk -H twisted
     Launches your web browser at Twisted's home page
....I hope this helps anybody seeing it....
 Happy Coding...cheers ...
way to goo!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

doin for my own good
well life is relli messing me up , so times up to gear up for the real challenge
newas ma yt God bless me for this n dis is all i wish