Friday, June 14, 2013

How to create a bootable USB pendrive in Linux

If it was windows, it would be much easier ...for we have the universal USB installer. In Linux, we can't use that: however, we need not worry, guys have done a great job by creating a much easier tool to do the work.

The tool is called gparted. It is a nice GUI tool to do our work. So lets see how we shall do it.

>Open the terminal .

>Now type: sudo apt-get install gparted
......This will install the tool ...well and good if you had it from before.

>Now type: sudo apt-get install-3g( gparted installed this as default for me...just see if it did for you).

>Now open the tool via: System>Administration>Gparted Partition Tool

>Now you are almost done....Click the File and choose the drive for the particular USB.

>Right click on the drive when it is enlisted. See Manage Flag menu and click to enable boot.

>Now go to Partition menu at the top panel and format the drive as ntfs . This will keep the work as pending operation the correct sign above to start the operation...It will be done in a moment..

>Just  unplug and plug in the pendrive once and do the last step.

> Now you can just decompress the win7.iso file to your pendrive ...and it is bootable right away..

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