Monday, June 11, 2012

Applications of Scala Programming language:

According to TIOBE index Scala stands at 34th position with 0.290% rating.However, it has wide and good applications built on it( The list though does not account for anything related to the quality of the languages listed..its just based on popularity).
  I read about Scala and was amazed to find out its varied and robust applications,,which is used in many popular applications of today).
  Some of the many are listed here:
  1>Twitter..this describes the best.
  ....Also Twitter uses Scala very robustly(as I learnt from this blog as of 2008). May be it has changed now.
  2>LinkedIn..this link describes the best.
  3>Novell ..See this link
  4>Foursquare...Know more from here.
  ......Foursquare is said to be built almost 100% using Scala(See this Quora link).
  5>UBS..and HSBC bank.
  Having said all these,,I will also like to add that Scala has two web frameworks developed, namely Lift and Play. Akka actors is good concurrency framework.Eclipse too has good support for it.
  Some more applications developed using Scala are given in the following links
  Take a look at Jonas BonĂ©r's blog series beginning with Real-World Scala: Introduction
  And this link for real world applications too.
 On google code I found this out link. Its an  application written in Scala for language processing and I like it.
 Way to goo..