Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Android:beauty and its woes

Android: the most popular mobile platform in the current times. Yet in the due course of its learning, one may feel a little awkward owing to its different way or otherwise platform based coding. The main problem one may find is syntax and the libraries one has to learn and know for a better programming.
 Still, with passion one does not have to really worry..coz its the same old saying that  where there is a will there is a way.
The main development areas for android in the coming ways will be in the cloud based services. Things like cloud based development and storage provision are coming round the corner and yet we may see many more to come in the near future..
So guys ...all my fellow programmers..go and go for it..wish u all  happy coding!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to get back the data lost during OS installation.

Well its not bad to have made mistakes ..after all its from them we learn.Today I 'd like to talk about problems relating to data loss during os installation. Sometimes our  disk is corrupt and terribly fails during the installation process, wiping away all the precious data stored in our hard drive.
If it's that you ,then do the following(I did it):

1> Don't touch any rearrange any of your folders or even a small file. If it done then it will  wipe away all the boot record and ultimately the file content will go.
2> Then install windows xp on a small portion of the disk say 5 gigs(make it, if its not present as such small amount).
3>Install the data recovery software(Easeus is really good)  in where os is installed.Don't touch the remaining part of the disk. 
4> Then use any good external hard drive to make the recovery of the lost data.But make sure you dont use the same drive for recovery.
5>Then its done. Now install any other os you want or if  you want to continue using the XP then you can go ahead and format the drives.

                                                                      ..Tell if it doesn't work