Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trip To The Marvellous Taj Mahal.... Some points to learn and some to ponder...

My mom had always wanted to see the Taj and have a snap there in front of it. And for me, it has been one of those good-son's dream to make it happen for her. 
So came the golden chance to fulfil that when mom and dad came to Delhi last week. 
Well, its sunny May, the heat is scorching here, thinking of which I was worried ,if it was gonna make it difficult for them. But then, I had this opportunity and I didn't want it go by and we decided to go there on Thursday, 8th of May,2014. 

The journey didn't began on expected lines. We couldn't take breakfast and we had to hurry down the elevator when the travel agent called up like we were actually missing the bus(Actually here starts the great trick of fooling people by the Miscreants Of Delhi).
The Bus looked good from outside, inside it looked like a modified WWII German Bus. As soon as we were about to board, the agent locked it and asked us money-we paid. But this was a trick- there were only 2 seats left and the third one was at the back. So he fooled us and I had to sit at the back seat(You would understand if you have travelled on Indian Roads).
Now, came the journey down the road, and at this time, my only thought was to reach there as soon as possible. 
Some time later, the idiot conductor came in the passenger cabin and shouted like a General of The East Army Division, giving instructions about getting breakfast. 
They took us to a roadside restaurant, that looked like a human abattoir. It served us some dishes having South Indian dishes, but ...... I have no words to speak of it except that it provided me with some relief and especially for my parents. 
Here I learnt that those peoples who would take us there would get commissions...and we had to pay for them too.. pretty horrendous...right? paying and suffering at the same time..nonsense..

Then, It seemed like we'd reached Agra. Soon enough a man came who claimed to be our guide and who would later give many false facts just to complete his job.
We went first to the magnificent Agra Fort. It was one kind of thing that I had always wanted to see. I saw all the important places. Only dissatisfaction here I had was that, the visitors would dirty the fort, while the ASI cared only for the exterior polish, and the green gardens. It war really saddening.  
Then we were taken to the UP handicrafts, saw some good items but the price was really overwhelming. Tricking was still practised here, we were continuously told about the AC inside the building and to enjoy it. 
(what kinda marketing was that??, it was neither emotional nor assertive, but rather spuriously persuasive.)
We were also told, not to buy sweets(or the famous Petha) from others but from the place where the guide would take us( seriously he was on roll to make money on commission). And on the way, the guide would take money for various reasons, shoe-cover, taxi,etc.

Then we went to The Destination. 
The Taj Mahal, built by Shah Jahan, I saw it and I touched it. Until this part,  I would say, I came, I saw, But not yet conquered.
It was really a piece of wonder. No amount of photography can replace its beauty seen with real eyes.We took some snaps(Please try to  take your own camera), went inside the mausoleum and offered janaza prayer for the Emperor and the Empress.
Here too, the inside of the Taj is really becoming chaotic.Too much crowd and noise is a real threat to the structure. The constant dirtying done by the visitors is a real concern and since its a mausoleum, it deserves peace and silence, which was not the case and the security did not attend to it.

I sincerely hope that the ASI authorities will take a responsible call to this.

Then it was time to bid adieu to it. I was not so satisfied by this journey, so I prayed that, I may have another chance to  bring my mummy and daddy here again.
Then we came back and reached Delhi at around 3:00 in the morning. 

For all those who are planning to go, I'd just say the following few words.
*Never believe in the travel agents.They only care for money.
*Please don't dirty the structures. And Please don't make noise inside the mausoleum.
*Agra has  many other places. Besides the tomb of Shah Jahan, There is also tomb of Akbar the Great, and others, so plan for it.
*Beware of the pick pockets.
 I end with the message of love having seen the building of love.