Monday, May 27, 2013

Android Studio Windows installation problem solved.

Well..It has been almost fascinating to try the new IntelliJ IDEA  based android IDE on my windows machine. It has been not been working since I installed it.
I followed all the Stackoverflow and other blogs....regarding my problem...
My problem was:
 >I was using JDK 1.6.21...which probably was too old for the studio to get up with.
>I did not add the JDK_HOME...
............I downloaded the new latest version of JDK and finally got the nice new thing running..
So,,update your system and don't forget to add the JDK _HOME directory to the system path....Its gonna be all ok then..
way to goo...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

MongoDB: Setting up and basic operations

Lets talk about some starting points of the mongoDB..
First..installation is easy as easiest:
>Just go to the Mongo site and download the whichever package is needed for your system. Though it is recommended to work with th 64 bit version for production ..fear not you can do with any package that suits your system..remember...the version with the even no. in the middle means the stable release for the time.

> Now extract the compressed filed and create a folder in a location of your choice. In the uncompressed folder..there will be bin folder..copy all its content to the folder you just created...And there it is the starting point for working on  mongodb.

> When you have done all the above ...just open the command shell and go to the directory and type mongod...the mongo shell daemon. and it will start the mongo server.
> You can type db( It is the command which you will use in every operation for it starting point for every command). This will print test...which is the default collection every mongo shell contains for the first time.
...Now you can open another command shell and type mongo ...this will start shell  where you can start doing your work for all operations...

                      Way to goo....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

MongoDB: The pioneer of NoSQL....Easy and really quick to learn..

I just signed up for 10gen free class on MongoDB...and wow..its so easy and interesting to follow.
I wondered what was all this buzz about NoSQL...but seeing it and coding it on my own has really made me believe that it is going to grow larger and more effective over the years to come.
One thing that sets this new trend apart from others is its ability integrate easily with the client code: It can be just accessed from the code using the OOP approach that we are all accustomed to( I mean if you had been programming!)..

Its schemaless ..meaning it does away with all those CRUD statements that we all use for RDBMS..though it has an adequate means of addressing all of that through a simple syntax and various APIs it provide for the same. One thing that it is critical about is the lack of:
>and Joins
Still it has enough for all the uses it is meant for..where you would really have to do a big maintenance of bank accounts spanning over many countries...say in a web app or say a large database oriented projects involving many entries having the need for dynamic updates: it can do and I would say it can fairly do all that in a neat and nice little piece of code.

A nice feature I am impressed is the ability to hold entries of multiple and inconsistent columns in one collection..that would be impossible in RDBMS .
Thumbs up to the team Mongo and all those maintaining the class.

The Great Gatsby: Great film ...wonderful course of hope..idea of life and struggle

Last saturday, I went for the movie of the year: The Great Gatsby.
It was such a nice movie...Leonardo and Tobey has done a tremendous acting together.
The struggle of a man  trying to reconquer his love..."trying to change the past for his present"...
I really love this movie..for it portrays a man trying all his ways to get his love and doing everything for the sake of his love..
The movie also portrays a materialistic mindset of the woman he loves who fails to appreciate his love and reciprocate or say understand whats beyond the truth and what odds her lover has taken for her.
All and all ..It was a nice one...definitely worth watching

Building firefox code base on windows: long process but worthwhile..

I have always been a firefox fan...right from the start...It always kept me wondering what makes this good piece of software work so well until I downloaded the source code and built it on my own..
I required the following:
1> Visual Studia 2010
2> Directx
3> Msys
4> Windows SDK

You can download the source code from the mozilla website..Once you are done with that ..
You can get all the detatils from the website on how to build the code .

I had a simple problem...the Python path problem..
I had installed Python earlier and the build tool uses the Python embedded in the Msys...
Once I removed the original Python path from my environment variables and replaced with that of the Msys ..It was all done..

The final part of build process gives you a firefox nightly .although it takes about 4 hours in my core 2 duo machine...Its such a neat and nice would love it..

Thanks to the firefox team ...and all the supporters :)) 

Blue Screen: Problem and the Solution

I have just recovered from the usual blue screen problem with my laptop. I just thought it was going to be an "All Over Thing" for my hard drive...So I went to hp repair store-( are stupid peoples ...commercials...having no knowledge nor commitment to solve problems.
I came back ...and did these simple things .

>Sanitized my hard drive through BIOS screen..
>Self tested the hard it was working for me ...(probably those guys don't know about).

Then I reinstalled my OS both Windows and I usually do..
Now Its working..all fine...only thing I miss are those files I lost...
I saved me huge..Those guys had told me to change my hard drive ...
Thank God...I didn't ..

Always test hard drive for error constantly and keep up the anti virus....