Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Linking to a hosted Cloud JQuery library is better than localized link: The Reasons

Well, we all know what and how JQuery has revolutionized the UI design and development of websites and web applications. Given its robustness for browser support, familiar syntax ,built-in animations and  not impact content gives it immense credibility and avenues for use in many great applications..
In its development novice developers sometimes makes the mistake of linking the lib from their own local site..However this is wrong ..which I can say confidently at least for the case of deployment of your app.
The reason is:

Using Cloud Scripts Keeps Your Pages Fast
Linking to script libraries such as jQuery from an internet location
 (such as in the HTML here) is a way of using a content delivery network (CDN). When many developers link to the same location for
a script, that script is more likely to be cached by your readers and load more
quickly. Also, your browser may have a limit of as few as two connections to a
specific host name at once, so this sends a request to a separate domain,
increasing the speed.

As jQuery's popularity has grown, companies have made the file freely available
through their Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). 
Most notably:
 Google : link
 and Microsoft : link 
 offer the file on powerful, low-latency servers distributed around the world for fast download regardless of the user's location
..................................................If you just trying for local development could have it in your own machine...maybe..that will save when you don't have net connection... happy coding...and cheers..
way to goo..

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