Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Macbuntu theme destroyed my Ubuntu

I have been using Linux on my PC using dual boot. This time I was using Ubuntu 11.10 ultimate edition. 
As like many windows users ..I have been tempted my Mac-OS..and I have been using Mac theme for my PC too..
Recently I got too ambitious and I went on to install Macbuntu theme for my Linux ...(I thought I could be satisfied than I did on my windows)...Lo....During installation ...It got too complex...many downloads...and that too ...unverified.....
After it was half way through ..the system tray could be seen...but it was not functioning at all...
.....It was going too frustrating I did a force shut down...(It was the last time I could see my GUI ...)...After this, I could never go back to the gui...All it was left was the tty..(and what much could we do in there..??)..
I am careful now..I won't install any theme again...  

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