Saturday, June 15, 2013

Erlang on Linux: Configuration and Installation

Erlang is a fast growing language and is used in many key applications. Being concurrent and is used in many applications where multiple service are required simultaneously. 
It can be installed on linux via it package 
simply from the terminal using : sudo apt-get install erlang

I did using the source file from the erlang site.
The following steps made me complete the installation:

1>download the tar file.
2> cd to the folder and unzip it.
3> go the unzipped folder.
4> Now, Erlang needs some other files to fully complete installations and generate documentations.
  So the following steps needs to be done:
  • sudo apt­-get install fop 
  • sudo apt­-get install libncurses-5­-dev
  • sudo apt­-get install openjdk­6­-jdk
  • sudo apt­-get install unixodbc-­dev
  • sudo apt­-get install g++
  • sudo apt­-get install libssl­-dev
Still, Erlang requires wx libraries so we will do the following:
  • sudo apt­-get install libwxbase2.8
  • sudo apt­-get install libwxgtk2.8­dev
  • sudo apt­-get install libqt4­opengl­dev
  • sudo apt­-get install libgtk2.0­dev
Now, we are ready to go...
  1. cd to unzipped folder.
  2. Type: ./configure
  3. Type: make
  4. Type: sudo make install
And there it will be....your Erlang ready to goo....
Test it by typing in the terminal..
It will print: 11
which erl
This is supposed to give : /usr/local/bin/erl
....So happy coding...Cheers...

...If there is any problem...let me know.. lets solve it together...

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